Thank you for choosing to attend Elevate 2023 – the UK’s largest trade event dedicated to fitness, physical activity and sports therapy.

Elevate is for professionals only and free-to-attend for all except for non-exhibiting suppliers.

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Terms and Conditions of Sale

No refund will be given for a paid ticket if the visitor can no longer attend the event for any reason. The price of the ticket can be redeemed from the cost of an exhibition stand at Elevate 2024 (new bookings only).

Data and Privacy Policy Understanding

I understand that by choosing to allow my badge to be scanned by an exhibitor, sponsor or speaker when at the event, I will be providing the exhibitor, sponsor or speaker with my personal data. I consent to this personal data being used to contact me about their products or services and understand that this exhibitor, sponsor or speaker may transfer this data outside of the European Economic Area for these reasons. I also understand and agree to the organiser’s, Quartz Business Media Ltd, privacy policy. Read more about our data and privacy policy.

Contact from Organisers

As you are registering for this event, the organiser Quartz Business Media Ltd will be in contact with you about this event and future events on this subject in the future. If you wish to not attend this event and/or stop receiving further information at any time then please contact the Quartz Business Media Ltd team who will be happy to help you. Read more about our data and privacy policy.

SMS Mobile Contact from Organisers

If you have included your mobile phone number within your registration then it is possible that we may choose to use this is a method of contact. If you would prefer for this not to happen then please either don’t give us your mobile number or please contact the Quartz Business Media Ltd team who will be happy to help you. We will only use your number for sending you information about this event. Examples of its use: Emergency information or cancellation of the event / A reminder of when the show opens / Last minute updates to the programme / A link to download the event app to manage your time at the event. Read more about our data and privacy policy.

Please note, you will be issued with a barcoded name badge on entry to the event. Exhibitors and other associates may have barcode readers. By allowing your badge to be scanned you are deemed to have consented to passing over your registration details. Allowing your badge to be scanned is akin to handing over a business card.

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